Octopussy’s Revenge

General Info

Octopussy’s Revenge was our first game. And like all first games, it was horribly clunky, had annoying sounds, no progression or rewards (except for an unaccessible upgrade system) and everything else you’re expecting of such an early masterpiece.

Find the source code here on GitHub. Warning: The main.lua file contains ALL OF THE CODE because we didn’t know what OOP was back in the day. Good times.


Octopussy’s Revenge is a Space Invaders-esque, side-scrolling space shooter where quirky little aliens try to run you over and you have to rid yourself of them by shooting their faces off! (Everything of that with kid-friendly graphics of course…).

To aid you in your (non changing, we didn’t quite figure out how to do that back then) quest, you can upgrade your weapons by accessing your upgrade menu, using the U key.

Because programmers are lazy, there is the obligatory money cheat – just press the M key and you gain 1000 gold for free. Feel free to mash the button, it also works when inside the upgrade menu.


The graphics were done by the great and awesome MadByte and from the moment he first showed me his pixelart, I fell in love with his designs.

The eponymous Octopussy was one of my favorite designs:

The Octopussy

But the other enemies look cute as well – here’s one of the animation sheets for the “Musca” fly-like alien enemy:


Music and Sound

This one’s a special concern of mine since I believe I originally never credited one of my favorite 8bit artists of all time, Bunnymajs for using his song, “Second Chance” in our game. I mainly chose it because I was listening to his songs a lot back when we made the game and it basically was my favorite of his songs, so I chose to incorporate it into our game.

Download and Play

YouTube Channel

Have you been to our YouTube Channel yet? We’ve been quite inactive lately, but we’re looking to change that and you can still find lots of our old videos where we talk about game development with the LÖVE Engine in Lua.

A little heads-up to our English visitors – up until now, we only made videos in German as that’s our first language 🙂