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I am Bastian Hodapp (online names: VADS or bassadin), a programmer, gamer and hobby game developer living in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
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How I look


While Lars came up with our Logo, I believe I was the one to invent the name “Destructive Reality” although I’m not really sure of that anymore 😀

I have experience with Java, C#, Lua, Smalltalk, HTML and CSS, my early projects consisted of programming rather unusable Windows Forms applications with Visual C#.

Later on, I discovered the LÖVE 2D engine and started making my first few games. It really helped me learn programming patterns and basic logic (Except OOP, continue reading for that one).

Early Games

octopussy's revenge game screenshot
One of my first games, “Octopussy’s Revenge”, was basically a way to get used to the LÖVE programming. Fun fact: It had more than 3000 files of code in one game file because I didn’t know OOP existed back in these dark days. It was also my first game where I collaborated with Lars – he made the graphics, I was the programmer.

fast tunnel reloaded game screenshot
The next one, Fast Tunnel Reloaded was a “remake” of one of my favorite games I played on my TI-84 pls calculator in school – Fast Tunnel

At the moment, I’m working as a Smalltalk developer for a software firm. I’ve also had several other things come up in the past few years and didn’t really dedicate as much time as I wanted to getting better at game development.


After being gone for so long, I’ve been looking to get back into game development. Preferably with a small team because I think collaborating can be really fun, although it of course can be challenging sometimes.

At the moment, I’m searching for new people to develop games with, preferably using Unity 3D, LÖVE or LibGDX. I am also trying to dedicate more of my time to improve this website for our “company” Destructive Reality.

If you want to contact me, throw me an email at

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