Hi! I’m MadByte (Lars), a hobby game developer and pixel art artist born in Niedersachsen, Germany.


My love for video games started as child when I played on an old Amiga A1200 for the first time. Games like “Air Taxi”, “Scorched Earth”, The Settlers” or “Ufo: Enemy Unknown” inspired me to create my very first game art in form of animated game scenes on the Amiga at the age of 12.

Destructive Reality became a thing when Bastian and I met in the LÖVE (game framework) forums. We began to work on our first project, “Octopussy’s Revenge”, followed by our first game jam entry “Little Reaper”.

Early Games

My very first game in LÖVE: “Fallin Sky”. It’s a simple avoiding game that participated in a small LÖVE game jam back in 2011.


“Little Reaper” was our first team jam game. 


Since then I dedicated most of my time into creating game concepts or just relax after work (as service engineer) while working on new pixel art.

If you want to contact me, throw me an email at

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